The Water Purifiner® manufactures a complete line of Tannin Colour Removing softeners and filters from Residential 20 K Grain Units to Commercial Units

Tannins can impart both colour and odour to your water. more....

Standard White Jacket
with Translucent Brine Tank

Optional Chrome Jacket
with Black Brine Tank


Colour Removing Softeners


Colour Removing Exchanger Filters


A Little About Tannins

Tannins are a classification of organic material in your water that is in various stages of decomposition. While they commonly exhibit a pale to dark yellow in water the colour can also be darkened by oxidized metals such as iron. Iron forms the most common complex with tannins that can make there removal quite difficult.

Tannins may also impart objectionable odours to your water. The odour tends to have an “ earthy” quality to them. They become even more apparent when the pH of the water is decreased as organic materials generally have a lower solubility at lower pH's.

As these organic bodies split apart, they leave charge sites available that can attach themselves to anion exchange resins. This process can be reversed by regenerating the resin with salt and flushing the tannins to waste.

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