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Iron Filtration Methods

Iron can cause visible stains and impart undesirable tastes to your water at concentrations below 0.5 mg/l. While iron can cause major difficulties at very low concentrations, it is usually one of the easiest items to remove from your water when done properly
Iron can be removed from your water in several different ways. The choice of technology will depend on the final desired result and the water chemistry. Often more than one technology may be employed to achieve success.

Ion Exchange Iron Removal

This method is employed when soft water is the desired outcome. It requires that all of the iron is in the dissolved or clear form. The iron laden water must be kept oxygen free for this method to work and continue to work properly.
The Water Purifiner® has successfully removed in excess of 50 mg/l of iron from water with this method. Purifiner® employs macro-porous resins when dealing with high concentrations of iron to allow this high weight contaminant easy migration into and out of the resin.
Please see our softener for high iron section for more information.

Continuous Aeration or Air Injection Iron Removal

This method is the “chemical free” iron removal method that can also help eliminate some mild odour problems in water as well. Air is injected into the water via a pump and allowed to react with the iron. The remaining air is then vented off and the resulting iron solids are filtered out of your water.

Intermittent Aeration Iron Removal

This is a variation of the continuous injection method but it involves capturing the air in the filter tank during regeneration. This method is limited to lower amounts of iron and sulphide due to the absents of a continuous supply of oxygen.

Manganese Greensand Iron, Manganese and Sulphur Removal

This filtration system uses a tried and proven superficial oxidization method using a coated zeolite material. Trace contaminates are oxidized on contact with the surface of the filter media until a per-calculated volume (time period) is reached. The media is then regenerated with potassium permanganate period and returned to service.

Purifiner Iron Filter

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